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View From Leicester (VFL) is a social media group project run by De Montfort University (Leicester, UK) students on the TECH2002 Social Media Production module. The VFL title originates from the ‘View From Here’ (British Council 2014) celebration that marked the end of the project to make all of the British Council’s collection of short documentary films made in the 1940s available online for public access under a Creative Commons licence. These films provide an intriguing record of aspects of UK life ‘ranging from England’s pubs and Sheffield’s steel industry to London’s preparations for war, our health, education and justice systems, alongside obsessions with tea, cricket and the British bobby’ (British Council).

The challenge for the VFL project is to remix or re-use these films as a creative stepping-off point to explore aspects of contemporary life from our present perspective based here in Leicester. Film was, and still is, a major form of media production, but now we have social media. So how can social media relook at what film is and what it does, and how can we use other media and social media tools to create new ways of telling stories, digital stories about the world and our place in it as a ‘View From Leicester’?

There are broadly three different approaches to the VFL project:

1. RE:MIX Remixing or reusing the British Council Film Collection to make new media products of any nature

2. RE:MARK Reworking the British Council Film Collection to make new media products about the collection using just the collection or new elements introduced from outside of the films

3. RE:MOULD Making new media products from scratch that do not have to contain any content from the collection, but that relate to the British Council Film Collection in terms of representing aspects of contemporary life using social media in relation to such themes as people, place, work and culture.


For further details, please contact the project leader:

Dr Andrew Clay


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