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The Story of Leicester – My Story (The Story of the People)

The Story of Leicester project is a unique initiative by Leicester City Council marking the important anniversaries and events in the city’s history, telling the Story of Leicester’s proud history and celebrating all the communities that make up the one community of Leicester.

Learn more about Leicester’s rich 2000 year history and heritage by visiting their archived Story of Leicester website.

This particular project that was created by James Pell, was intended as an extension to that of ‘The Story of Leicester’ project that already existed, given a more personal (rather than organisation) view upon the city as a whole, presenting the information in a more visual representation.

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The initial idea behind this was to present various landmarks/buildings of importance through the main medium of photography in a way that displayed a change in time (whether it be years/eras or as simplistic as day/night), giving historical meaning to each piece/location and by focusing on this idea of time it would enable others to add to the project in the future (if they so wish to do so), as time goes on.

The ‘present day’ (as of 2016) photos were taken by James Pell and were combined with the pictures of the past, that were each sourced from the Facebook community page; Memories of Leicester, this is also where the dates of each of the photographs were referenced.

It is aimed that in the future the project will be to display this project on a map of Leicester with each pin-point positioned at each location (similar to google maps) so that when clicked on, the composite image specifically created for this area will pop up and alongside the image, the idea is to incorporate a live feed from Instagram/Flickr with the use of a #hashtag designed for that location. This is intended so that this project shall remain constant over time and continue to show the progression of the history of Leicester, forming a collaborative piece that is continuously being updated.

In order to create this idea to the fullest extent, it would require coding it for the purpose of an interactive webpage, plus a server is required in order to host the final goal for this project. Nevertheless a mock-up version has been created in order to put the whole idea into perspective.

idea parts 1-3.png

Step-by-step simulation of the idea on how this project is planned to eventually be presented, with the ability of user interactivity

Not all pictures were used in the actual production pieces, however they are still planned to be situated within the overall product, in a similar way to the pictures of the LCFC stadium (as seen in the example above). Here is a link to the album containing said photos:



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