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Their View, Our View


Their View, Our View is a photography project created by media students Alice Mutch, Alice Owers & Maddie Stanier. The photos were created using old photos of Leicester and merging them with new ones as a way of showing how the city has changed and grown over time.

We chose to photograph buildings and locations in Leicester that were important to us as we believed this showed our own personal view of the city; and an older generations view as well.

The original idea for the photos came from the Re-mould section of the A View From Leicester brief. The finished piece was an original product that does not contain and content from the British Council Film Collection but still represents contemporary life, themes & places.

As a group we decided to take 9 photos and give each photo a letter from the word ‘Leicester’. The letters are created using the old photographs of Leicester, the photographs were then placed next to each other so they clearly spelled out ‘Leicester. The photographs were edited together in Adobe Photoshop.

We also created a slideshow video featuring our work.

The photos tell a story of the ways Leicester has changed in just over 100 years.

Most photos feature content from the Facebook Page Leicester Past & Present ~ A walk down Memory Lane, a page that features thousands of old photos of Leicester. Many of the photos are from the early 1900’s and are all black & white or a sepia tone.


The first photo (above left) is a photograph we took to match a similar photograph taken from the Leicester Past & Present Facebook page. The second photograph was taken in 1955, you can see subtle differences between the two, such as the now missing steeple on the church and the construction of more buildings on the left.

Edit 1-E

The above photograph is the final edited version of the two photographs combined. We feel this is a good example of the old and the new fitting together as the photos were taken roughly the same angle and the ‘E’ fits very well into the photo. You’ll notice this is the case with all our photos as we worked very hard to try and get as close to the original angle as possible.

Below is our final finished piece all joined together to spell out Leicester, we hope you’ve enjoyed our project and remember to check out this Facebook page if you want to see more photos of Leicester.