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Views Of Timmy And Tommy

Views of Timmy and Tommy are short remixes from the British Council’s Film Collection. The idea stemmed from Mark Cousins’ But Then Again Too Few To Mention: A Life of Bob work using the film collection to create a character and telling his life through a voiceover using appropriate video clips available to imagine his story.

I was attracted to the idea of creating new life using the films from the collection and through research by selecting the appropriate films and images, the idea of creating two characters who lived different and separate lives began to develop.

It was decided that their lives would be explained on the Views From Leicester website and portrayed using short videos to illustrate certain aspects of their life.


The main theme for the overall idea is the impact of life choices and decisions that would occur in our modern world today, using a 1940s picture to portray them. For instance, the life of Timmy plays from his humble beginnings as a young boy, to then speaking to his father about going to university, meeting his wife, becoming a working family man, to finally his retirement as an old man. During each key stage of his life, short videos have been created that will illustrate key moments or humorous incidents that are still potentially understandable to this day.


With regards to the life of Tommy his journey through life starts as an active and adventurous young boy who struggles to accept his working class background and wants to become a footballer.  He becomes a pit worker who dreams of living the good life and sees an opportunity to become professional footballer by going to a trial at Chelsea FC. Tommy then becomes a successful footballer rising to the top of the game and enjoys the high end restaurants and bars whilst meeting different women he wouldn’t have socialised with before. Sadly like most footballers he has a short-lived life of fame and ends up alone working in a workshop after falling out of love with football. Similarly with Timmy’s life, short videos have been created that will illustrate key moments or humorous incidents in this imaginary person’s life.

Little Timmy – From a young age Timmy has always loved to play with animals and he seemed destined to become a farmer like his father.


University Decision – Timmy has finished school as wants to join his father on the farm, however his father and his mother insist that he studies at university. Although he knows the boredom of university lectures and doesn’t see the benefit.


Graduation and After Party – Timmy later saw the benefit of his studies and graduated with a 1st in agriculture. To celebrate, Timmy and his fellow graduates decide to go raving as a celebration.


From Graduate to Family Man – Life races by as Timmy has now taken over his father’s farm. Whilst he is working hard to improve the family business, he meets a lovely girl called Rachael. They fall madly in love and quickly build a life together by moving in and having children.


Work and Play – Timmy is now settled in life, as he heads from his thirties to this early fifties, he still works hard every day to improve the farm. He also always makes time to catch up with friends and participates in his favourite hobbies.



Little Tommy – Tommy has always dreamed of being a professional footballer. Being from a working class background he saw this as an opportunity to escape his roots and become a wealthy individual, and to achieve his dream he practiced every day.


Pit Life – Unfortunately due to bad luck and missed opportunities, Tommy found himself working down the pits. Being tired of work and tired of life he became even more determined to become a footballer to better his life for something he enjoys.


Trials – Tommy discovers that Chelsea Football club are hosting open trials and decides to attend one of their sessions. He quickly catches the attention of the coaches and is asked to join their reserve squad.


New Beginning – He moves into the academy and starts to playing in some of their games. After a few great performances and some goals later, Tommy is called up to the first team to play in the cup final.


Zero to Hero – News spreads of Tommy’s stark rise to the first team and in order to be in the best shape for the final he works overtime in the gym and in training. When the cup final arrives, Tommy finds himself in the starting eleven and justly scores the winning goal to win Chelsea the cup for the first time.


Money and The Fame – After his winning goal, Tommy career carries on to rise as he becomes the best player at the club and the highest earner. The spotlight is now on Tommy and with this new money and fame, the taste for the good life is sweet and he takes full advantage of the high street shops, restaurants and bars.


Rachael – Whilst enjoying the high life as he famous footballer, Tommy finds himself meeting a beautiful girl called Rachael who works as a nurse. He calls her whilst she’s at work to arrange a date.


Date Night – She agrees to see him as his new found confidence as a top flight footballer charms easily her. He takes his time getting ready but as soon as they meet they both fall for each other.


From cheating to Career change – Fast forward eight years and Rachael catches Tommy having an affair. She later leaves him and now he has retired as a footballer he tries his hand at coaching the youth academy to stay in the industry. This unfortunately doesn’t work out for Tommy as he now has fallen out of love with the game. Alone in his late fifties, Tommy now spends his time in a work shop and constantly thinks about the choices he made in life. He still remains positive as he enjoyed some wonderful memories.



Source Films

The films used in the creation of Views of Timmy and Tommy are part of the British Council Film Collection, 120 short documentaries made by the British Council during the 1940s designed to show the world how Britain lived, worked and played.

View, download and play with the Collection here.


The music was sourced from Free Sound Fx as well as Youtube including Rihanna – Work and Salt & Pepper – Whatta Man


Yassir Semlali