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A Mini Tour of Leicester

1 lower resLeicester Lego Man is an Instagram account that I created for a touristic/fun/informative purpose as the viewer follows the various photo posts of the Lego character around various significant or interesting locations in Leicester or any other places I travel to. These photos along with the informative or personal captions would give a “mini tour” of Leicester to the viewers and also potentially “advertise” these places  to them as somewhere to go and visit.

The Instagram account with all the posts can be seen here!


The first posts on the account were single photos of the Lego man visiting various significant locations and were composed so the character was in focus in the foreground of the photo and the location slightly out of focus but visible in the background of the photo. These single photo posts were paired with informative captions intended to make the locations more appealing to the viewers, interest them and to potentially teach the more about what’s being shown. An example of one of these posts can be seen below where I took a photo of the Lego Man in front of Leicester Cathedral with the caption detailing some historical information about it:

(If you can’t see the post below you can view it on Instagram here)

With these singular posts I also ended up going to London during this time period and like the the social media accounts I  took inspiration from I uploaded 2 photos of the Lego Man in two locations that I went in London that can be seen here and here.

Within my posts I then decided to use a new feature that Instagram implemented which allowed for a gallery of 2 or more images to be implemented into the post which the viewer can then scroll left/right through rather than just a single image . Using this feature I decided to have the first image the same style as the single posts while the other images in the gallery would be either photos of just the location or more of the Lego man at the location. Having these other images in the same post would make it more interesting/advertising to viewers, help show more of the location and explain/illustrate more of the caption. The first of these galleries as seen below was an interesting place in Leicester which is not that well known. In this gallery post of Short Street (a graffiti street) there are 4 photos, 3 of which include the Lego man at different parts of the street and 1 which is an interesting shot of one of the pieces of wall art.

(If you can’t see the post below you can view it on Instagram here)

Two of the posts that I published are more unique than the others in which I customized the Lego man in relation to the image content to create a fun/amusing effect in the photo and to grab the attention of viewers.  These posts as seen below were a photo of King Richard III where I dressed the character in armour with a sword and crown and posed it the same as the statue it was in front of and also of the National Space Centre where I dressed the character as an astronaut. Both of these posts got quite good interaction from the viewers.

(If you can’t see the post below you can view it on Instagram here)

(If you can’t see the post below you can view it on Instagram here)

The photos I produced for this account were a mixture of  camera photos (Canon 700D) and phone photos (Samsung S7) that were either published when or shortly after they were taken or at a later date. These camera photos were edited using Adobe Lightroom while the phone photos were simply edited on Instagram before posting. Where possible I tried to upload the photos at the time of taking as this is not something that I usually do with my photography work. A good example of this as seen below was when I uploaded a photo of  the Lego man in front of the DMU sign when there was a university open day on commenting about what the campus was like on the day, trying to publicise it and possibly attract the attention of any students attending that also posted about it.

(If you can’t see the post below you can view it on Instagram here)

To see all the posts visit the Instagram account here!


The account and photo posts have received quite a good response online in the couple of weeks since it was created with the account getting more interaction through followers, likes and comments than I initially thought it would. One follower commented that on their recent trip to Leicester they did’t get a lot of time to look around and so was enjoying exploring the city through looking at the photos. This is exactly the response I wanted from the posts to make viewers want to visit these locations and if not to give them a virtual tour of these places to see what they’re missing out on. Another commenter simply said that they liked the idea behind the account. I also received a few messages on the account with one of my good friends saying how the photos had made the city look interesting and completely different to what he’d thought/seen of it before. Another message I received to my surprise was from the De Montfort University account saying that the university press office loved the idea behind the account and would like to know more about it. So overall I am pleased with the outcome of the account and still have quite a few images to use in posts which I may still upload in the remaining couple of days until the deadline and may even continue on with this account afterwards as it’s quite fun to do.

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The accounts I took inspiration for this project were:

  • Kowalski The Traveller – This Instagram account is mainly for fun and based around the creator taking photos of a McDonalds Toy Penguin in various iconic/popular locations around the world that they travel to or just in front of things that they do at those places. I quite like the idea that they take this item (the penguin) wherever they go and use it to tell a story of their travels and “advertise/promote” the places that they go to.
  • Travelling Cars – This Instagram account is more artistic in it’s approach and revolves around the creator taking photos of a couple of toy cars at various locations that they travel to. With the captions they give information about the places or a story of what they’re doing there. This creator has interestingly also previously done some sort of paid advertising where they used realistic toy vehicles to advertise the manufacturer of the real things.
  • PopBangColour – This Instagram account is mainly car art based but the account owner also often takes photos of a mini Lego version of himself with other items/scenes relating to what he is doing that day. For example a recent one is this photo of his Lego character with a Fiat badge and other mini Fiat toy cars since he is working on a project with them.

The font used in my VFL17 Facebook page project promotional post (as seen below) is:

  • “High School USA Sans” which is available here.

(If you can’t see the embedded Facebook Post you can see it here)

Post by Hugh Beaumont.