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From Leicester to Melbourne

From “Leicester to Melbourne” is a short film I filmed and edited whilst traveling from the two said places. It was something I wanted to document and have on record as this is the trip home I do every end and start of term whilst I’m at University.

We emigrated as a family in October of 2015, I maintain that it is the best choice we have ever made as a family, I now consider Melbourne in Australia my home.

Bennet (2015) “Official figures show that in 2013 – when the most recent data is available – people were most keen to flee Britain for Australia, with 43,000 going Down Under.”

It is clear that it is not just my family that is cottoning on to the craze that is, running away to sunny Australia to start a new life away from rainy England. According to the Australian Government BITRE, 4,672,855 passengers flew inbound from international flights into Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) between the years 2015 to 2016.

It is apparent that many people around the world take similar journeys to mine each year so I feel as if it is something significant to document, not just for me and my family in the future, but for other people who take these journeys and those who don’t to experience this as well.

Online travel blogs/vlogs inspired me to make this film, I really enjoy watching people’s personal experiences of places, they are much more interesting than the travel agents description.

In total it takes me about 22 to 24 hours door to door. On the Journey I was documenting, I left Leicester, took a taxi to Birmingham Airport, flew from Birmingham to Dubai and stopped off in Dubai for an hour. I then flew from Dubai to Singapore and stayed there for just under an hour. Finally, I flew from Singapore to Melbourne. Also documented in the short film is a short trip I took to Sydney, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

I edited the short film in chronological order of when I filmed it. With a few exceptions everything was filmed and put in order, this was to construct a strong narrative for the film.

I had to think carefully about the equipment I was using to film this trip on as I wanted something of high quality but something that wasn’t too big or easily damaged on the journey. Finally, I decided to use my mobile phone.

I cut together a trailer to advertise the short film and to advertise “The View from Leicester” Project. It was just a quick easier trailer that encompasses the whole idea of the short film and intrigues people to watch the full film.

A trailer seemed appropriate because since the particular thing I have made is in video from, there should be a video to advertise it.

The music was downloaded from the ‘Free Music Archive’. The font is called ‘Paradox’ and was downloaded from ‘

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