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Hey Guys,

I’m back again with another blog post and this time I am actually not writing about my personal life. I am about to tell you guys about the amazing British council film collection and not only you are about to see mine and Neesey’s collection of favourite British council films in a YouTube video but you are also about to see what we think of them and we chose these specific movies.

So, to begin with, the British council film collection is about having the “link between UK films and filmmakers and new international audiences”.

Take a look at the “about page” on the British Council Film website below to familiarise yourself:

BCF About Page

Also, check out the actual movie collection, who knows, you might find something you like and relate to it in some way just like me and Neesey have.

Collection, collection and collection

Now that you know exactly what the British Council Film is about and you’ve seen the film collection, take a look at what myself and Neesey created. We created a remark, so choosing our favourite movies from the collection and putting it together in Adobe Premier Pro to create a mashup of scenes and a vlog which talks about why we chose these movies, what was our inspiration behind them, a brief documentation and both of our opinions of movies back in the day.

So, lets talk about what kind of movies I chose and why I chose to put different scenes together and create a video mashup before including videos of me documenting the short movies. At first, I pondered through the collection and at an instant, I loved four movies and those movies are called:

They live again

Education of the deaf

Learning to live

Women in war time

As you can probably tell from the titles, each movie seems inspirational and from the title it seems as if each movie acts as a prediction for the future. Take Women in war time for example, it is a movie that shows what women were like during world war one and two. Back in the day, it was pretty difficult for women to do anything, let alone qualify as doctors or nurses for the world war but almost a decade down the line, there is so much women empowerment going on. This film is only a slight interpretation of what women were like during the war, however because of this 10 minute British Council Film; audiences are able to gain an insight of how change was brought upon. Personally I feel so much more empowered after watching this video only because of the facial expressions. When it comes to BCF collection, I found that the narrator sort of disregards the true notion. Without audio, these movies are so much better as you are able to analyse facial expressions and body language whilst understanding what the film is about.

Women in war time: proud facial expressions

Learning to live: introduces how it is acceptable for both boys and girls to study together in a school. That was about 60-70 years ago, now, we have so many different institutions and so many different courses to choose from such as art and humanities. It is not all about doctoring or engineering nowadays.

They live again: not only shows hard work and hardship of coal mine workers but also shows an advancement of health care, “a prediction of the future”. Take 2017 for example, apparently this year is about finding the cure for cancer or a head transplant.

Yes, a head transplant!

It’s come from women qualifying as doctors and nurses to an actual head transplant, that’s an humongous change!!

Education of the deaf: again an advancement of healthcare. Earlier there were hardly any tools for the deaf, there was absolutely no hope for them. But now, you can get hearing aids and all sorts of stuff.

For me, these movies were all about predicting the future, predicting what things will be like and as crazy as the world seems now with Trump being president and Brexit going; it actually isn’t because the world is much more advanced now in terms of education, healthcare, employment etc. Of course nothing is perfect but if you have to compare the British Council Film collection to 2017..


Come on, we even have talking watches now.

So I took all of my thoughts and opinions and these movies and created a video on Premier. The first half were my favourite scenes and the second half was a vlog documenting my opinion and why I chose these movies.

Neesey’s video is a contrast she has basically done the same thing, first half, favourite scenes of movies and second half a vlog documenting her opinion. So in the end, it works out to be a pretty cool remark.

Check out my version:

Check out Neesey’s version:

Now it’s time for Neesey to tell you guys why she chose the movies that she chose and what is the massive inspiration behind it…

Neesey basically did the same the thing, she chose her favourite films and made a vlog on what she liked about the movie, why she liked it and why she chose it.

Neesey’s video is a massive contrast from mine since she talks about so many different issues like fashion (what fashion was like back in the day), war times and the refugee crisis that we have nowadays (trump, brexit and whatnot).

So like a contrast of time, what people were like, what problems were like and fast forwarding to 2017, in terms of problems we have right now, it’s huge!!

For example, in terms of the refugee crisis, there are some people in some parts of the world who are living their life and there are other people in other parts of the world who are dying and struggling every single second of their lives.

Passionate right?! Well, watch Neesey’s video and see how passionate she is…


Neesey’s video is pretty similar to mine as well as she does talk about women empowerment at some point and she does talk about change so watch and enjoy it guys!!!

Another thing that’s different from mine is the way she filmed her vlog, I filmed my vlog using a “Snapchat streak” whereas she used a professional camera for hers. A snapchat streak is when you send Snapchats to someone in your contacts for 24 hours or for a constructive number of days and apparently the higher the streak, the stronger your friendship. So I took that on board and instead of sending those ten second snapchat videos to a friend, I sent it to myself and made a vlog out of it.

Only because I wanted you guys to be really interested instead of constantly watching my face for 10 minutes! 🙂

Want to know what a snapchat streak is and gain more knowledge then check out this link below:

Snapchat streak…

Oh and we made a trailer, its pretty unprofessional but that’s the beauty of it. Since when are YouTube vlogs professional. Enjoy, we actually worked really hard on this trailer, even though it doesn’t seem like it..

Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well that’s it from Nees and Shef, hope you enjoyed reading and watching this beautiful, beautiful remark.

See ya soon

Love x




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