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GirlsNightOut Ldn

The idea of GirlsNightOut Ldn came around when I was starting a business in November based off of doing events and clothing. based off of the nightlife in Leicester.

Girls Night Out London was established in London but based in Leicester as an online one-stop shop for luxury fashion. Helping women around the World to find exclusive and affordable clothing for their Girls Night Out or in. Renowned for our beautiful faux furs.

Throughout the time of creating the GNOLdn idea, I did a bit of market research too with women within Leicester to see what they buy and what they want within the website/Instagram page.

Here is the Instagram page over the months of creating the page I had well-known girls from Leicester to promote the Instagram page and also model for me in a Leicester film studio which brought the page from 100 followers to 10.7k followers just from the promo and people like the idea. I began to follow many people but when the page increased in followers, I began to unfollow the unnecessary people and stuck to following the other related clothing pages to give the page a more authentic business look rather than someone fishing for followers.


Once I was able to get the vendor for the fur coats and invest in different designs and colors I had a group of models who liked the idea and wanted to do shoots for free. This helped me when budgeting because I found easier ways to push the Instagram page without spending. Here is a promo video I created with the models where we found a house and location in Coventry that looked good. I was the photographer/videographer for the day using a SONY A7Rii. The shoot was only one day and edited on the same day. I posted this promo video on the Instagram page which made the insights higher with more views and likes.


When Posting on the Instagram page I would hashtag things related to the page or the clothing drawing a certain market/followers towards the page. Instagram has a new feature where you can follow hashtags to heighten the views of people and their businesses. When following this hashtag it’ll be like following normal page but instead, anyone else who posts the hashtag you’ll be able to see them as if it was a normal Instagram page. In the first example, you can see I began to use these hashtags and the picture would get an average of 100-200 likes. Within a month of using the hashtags frequently pictures would accumulate to about 1000 – 2000 likes per post as you can see in the second post. This technique made me realize you can reach out to a wider target audience.




I changed the Instagram page from a personal page to a business page so that I can view the different analytics and insights. This allows me to see differnt statistics from how many people viewed my account, what gender is viewing my page, what age group views my page the most and what location or country views my page the most. From this, I get a better insight into who my target audience is and where I need to pick up on in order to accumulate more views.



When trying to push the page further I would collab with another Instagram business page called “shades royal” that sold bespoke fashion eyewear. This interlinked with my page where id make one of the models take a picture in their glasses while promoting the clothing. Shades royal has over 40k followers so from collaborating with them this made my insights and views increase from the other brand consumers.

If I realized that I did not have enough content I would post other pictures of celebrities in similar clothing for inspiration to give an idea to my followers of the kind of people that would wear the same type of clothing.

What I learned along the way was in order to keep the views high and people engaging with your page more you would need to keep actively posting and being in their face with posts. I would do things like post behind the scenes videos on my Instagram story or snapchat story. If I had not posted that day or week I would have still posted on the story fashion related quotes. Because the page only began to show fur coats all the time I added to the idea and began to sell fluffy sliders this made me realize that staying active on your page and posting regularly whether it was on the Instagram main page or the Instagram story allows you to stay relevant. allowing people to interact wit the page more.